Behind the Scene

Behind every great website there will always be a team of dedicated staff, and Anipike is no exception. Throughout Anipike's long history, many people came and went, and they spent many hours on website. So who are these people working behind the scenes of one of the largest Anime website?

Due to the size of Anipike's team of staff, not everyone is listed here. If by chance we have offended anyone by not listing him or her, or have said something not appropriate, please let us know, we apologize for any inconveniences.

Current Staff

Meet some of the currently active 'Pike staff.

Ron Scovil (Yasuke)


Ron is the current owner/administrator of Anipike, he is the president of Anime Broadcasting Network Inc. as well as one of the first users of Anipike. In 1999 he purchased the site from Jay, and has been running it ever since.

First, tell us a little about yourself, who are you, what do you do other than being the owner of Anipike?

I was one of the two co-founders of Mixx Entertainment what is now TokyoPop. I now help anime companies market anime titles or obtain TV/Cable distribution.

What is it like being the admin/owner of Anipike? Is there a lot of work to be done? What are some problems you have to deal with?

The best part of owning Anipike is knowing that the site is still around and helping new fans find out and communicate about new shows. The site can be a pain to maintain and keep up but thankfully with help like Blue-Ghost, Trunkschan, LisaZ, the mods, and past help it stays up.

Tell us a little about the acquisition of Anipike from Jay, how did you first find out about Anipike? What made you decide to purchase it? Were there any difficulties involved?

I was one of the first users of Anipike and the decision to purchase the site was made based on a 1999 decision on some internet strategies.

What were your plans or goals when you first purchased Anipike? How have they changed over time (if they did change)? What is your goal today?

The goals of Anipike are still the same but the uses of Anipike have dramatically changed with Anime fandom. Anime is now mainstreamed so the site is not used by the same people like it was in the past.

Anipike has come a long way, and there were many "bumps" in its journey, what do you see as the most difficult time for Anipike? How did Anipike adapt/react to it?

Changing Anipike into a database was the biggest hurdle. Increasing usage and developing new tools will be an important part to keeping it going.

There are currently some people who express their dissatisfaction about dead links in the database, or that they can't find a certain series, or some other problem with the site. What do you say to these people? Is there a common misunderstanding between the site administration/management and the common users?

If users see dead links just send a list of them via email to and we can take care of them. Anipike never added series itself. The purpose of the site was to provide links to fan created sites. Fans themselves added the links. We can't possibly keep track of every anime or every site on the web as fast as they come and go these days.

Tell us a bit about the Turnpike Trixie, what is her current status as the mascot? And what role will she play in the future (will she become less involved in the main site and become more as an avatar item in the forum, or something else)?

We will be featuring artists again who can draw Trixie and have their art featured on the main site.

The magazine, forum, and gallery, along with a slew of other new features came with the 2003 relaunch, what role will they play in the future? What are some of Anipike's present challenges, and what are your visions for Anipike's future?

Anipike has a challenge in the present term in that fans do not communicate nor use the web like they did in the early days of either anime or the internet. If Anipike gets another round of reviewers and super fan otaku we will be adding some things that will expand the information on the database itself.

Arshes Nei


Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Webmistress of Anipike.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

I've been around online for about 10 years or so now, I've enjoyed anime for just about the same amount of time. I'm also an artist so you'll probably find my works on

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

I used to look for information on anime online, and so I encountered Anipike. When Jei retired, I was approached by Yasuke to help work on the site. It was then I helped research into finding a team into converting Anipike into a real database instead of html links. It is much more functional as a resource than it has been several years past.

Future plans?

I'm planning to do a little freelance illustration on the side as well as being the webmistress of Anipike. Feel free to visit my art site and feel free to ask me if you're interested! Anipike has been very good to me so I hope to help develop the site further.



Also known as: Blue-Ghost (Anipike forum); bg, Gai (Anipike chat); Yamada (Anipike main site)

Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Editorial: I write reviews, as well as make sure the magazine is updated properly.
Moderation: I have my own section of the forum in which I moderate, though I am not limited to just that section.
Chat: I am one of the channel operators.
Admin: I am an administrator for both the forum and the main site.

I started out in the editorial department only sending in reviews. I was then added as a moderator for the website area. Shortly after I became the channel operator of the Anipike chat. I was also asked to make sure the magazine was run properly. My moderator status was upgraded to Super Moderator. During the Anipike Redevelopment, I was upgraded to Administrator for both the forum and main site. I am still responsible for all of these different jobs currently, and I do them to the best of my ability.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

Well, I started a website as a class project in high school. Since I had access to the internet and free time during class, I decided to deviate and create my own site. It was only as successful as a personal page being promoted in a chat room. After school, I lost access to the internet and the site died. When I was able to get internet access again, I decided to create a fresh site and a new profile for myself. I learned quite a bit more on web programming during that time, then bought my own site, I am currently working on restoring a crash from my dot com, and I am also starting an online profile for myself.

How did you find out about Anipike?

I found out about Anipike during a search, probably on Ronin Warriors. I noticed how many links Anipike had, that were fairly categorized, which was quite helpful at the time. This was during my high school days (8+years ago), with the old style of Anipike.

How did you get to where you are now?

I pretty much worked my way from the bottom all the way to the top...When I was able to get internet connection again, back in '02 or so, I decided to look up Anipike. The site seemed to really be changed and I placed a link up for my site.

After a short while, I noticed there was a message board and decided to join up for fun. I then decided to join the Anipike chat, and met a lot of pretty cool people, including some staff members. People started to ask for some new smilies, and I stepped up and created the 'Anime' smilies on Anipike.

I also noticed there was an Anipike magazine and decided to send in some reviews. After a while sending in reviews, I was asked if I'd like to moderate on the forum, which I accepted. I logged on to the chat all of the time, and asked the site owner if I could become a channel operator. I was granted permission to op.

I did a pretty good job with moderating on the forum and was promoted to a Super Moderator, when a position opened up. I also help with our "Help Desk" on the forum. I try to resolve any problems that were submitted on the support tickets. During the Anipike redevelopment, I helped out quite a bit with the design, magazine and such. I was given a promotion to Administrator for helping out with site and forum functions and my continued help to Anipike.

Future plans?

There are a lot of great staff members, and some who have been recently added. I have been with Anipike for a couple years now, and I plan on continuing my work with Anipike as long as I am able.



Name/Nick: Liz Barillas, aka trunkschan90, aka Anime Link Queen

Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

I was a volunteer for Anpike, but then I went from volunteer to being a full time Database administrator: I add, delete, and move links around Anipike.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

I'm an anime obsessed otaku who likes to enter anime contests to win free stuff. I'm also a university student majoring in graphic design/animation. I love to read books and watch anime. I also like watching regular animation. I also like surfing the web, searching for new links to add to the site. I've added almost 30,000 links in total in Anipike and hopefully that will keep growing. I love cats and fuzzy kittens, I have a nickname for cats : Fuzzy Burrito, cuz I once saw a baby kitty that looks like a burrito. My favorite anime are DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Zatch Bell, Fullmetal Alchemist, and others.

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

I found out about Anipike from one of my friends. I didn't get a computer or internet until 2001, so everything was new to me. I didn't know much about computers, but I was a fast learner, I was an anime fan before I even got a computer and Anipike seemed like the perfect site for a little otaku like me. During one of my visits I noticed an ad that asked for Volunteers to help out in fixing Anipike.

I volunteered, my first job was writing down info on many of the anime/manga series categories and emailing them (I had to organized them), it was very tedious, but fun since I got to learn about lots of anime series in a short amount of time. I even put new anime/manga series by going through the entire Anime Encyclopedia. After that I was promoted to link adder and that's when my career in link adding began. I've entered a few anime contests in which a person just had to add anime/Japan related links, so I had experience in finding them and adding them quickly.

Future plans?

My future plans are adding links, getting a job in graphic design, mastering three animation softwares, entering anime contests, and....hmmm can't think of anything else ^_^

Is it hard adding all those links? How many links do you add every day/week? Want to explain the process you have to go through to get everything done?

When Anipike crashed in 2004 (and in 2005 as well), I had to re-add 30,000 links. My plan was to add links to the categories with less links, and handle the big kahunas later (DBZ, Sailor Moon). I first delete all the dead ones, so it's easier to know what links are working.

Did you have to do it twice in 2004 and 2005?

Yep, I re-added links twice - 30,000. Adding links is very hard, I sit in a chair all day. I usually start at 8am and go all the way till 12am, sometimes till 1am. Usually I take a break between 4pm till 6pm since my dad wants to use the computer. After the first crash, I started from A to Z. After the second crash I decided to go from Z to A ^_^ Going the A-Z order would have been boring.

The way I can find so many new links is a secret ;) I have many channels, I know all the underground link markets ^^. First I add all the anime fanlisting links, there's tons of those, and a site that has them all. Other times I go to sites like AnimeHit. I added links there for a contest, so I can find what I lost there. used to have a links category, many links I've added were there too, but they shut down their link division, so all I have now is AnimeHit.

The other way I find links is through webrings. Webrings have links never before added, and many are new. Usually I just do it the old fashioned way - search engines. I like to use Yahoo and Google to find links, and I use Anime News Network - I go through the entire list. They have a big list of anime, and sometimes links, as well as different names of the anime in other languages - that's what I use to do my searches. ^_^ And so I find tons of links.

Every time I add a link, I get an email saying it's been added. Usually the total amount of emails I get in a day are over 300, so I add over 300 links a day, I add over a 1,000 a week. When I first started this link work, I was kind of slow. I was still a naive little fuzzy burrito :D, but once I got the hang of it, it was a breeze. For the descriptions of the sites, I usually copy and paste what's on the site, sometimes I type my own.

Right now I'm on my last category, Sailor Moon. I'm deleting all it's dead links and adding news ones. I've actually added 33,000 links. Anipike has 50,000, so bulk of those links are all mine.

Because of all my excellent work :D I've been crowned the Anime Link Queen. The site is my kingdom, and I destroy any dead links that try to take over. Now I have achieved the title of Anime Link Overlord.



Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Anipike Chat Moderator, Writer

A little description/introduction of yourself?

I grew up with anime in the 80's through shows like Harlock, Macron 1, Tranzor Z, Robotech, Voltron, and all those anime versions of fairy tales they would show on Nickelodeon. I really became an anime fan around 1991 when I saw Castle of Cagliostro and Vampire Hunter D subtitled at a local theater. Then I went to college, met other fans, and years later I am still a fan. My favorite hobby is making anime-related websites. I also draw a manga-styled webcomic called Strange Candy (

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

For 10 years, Anipike has been one of the best places to find links to other anime sites. For a long time it was pretty much the only place. It's hard to be an anime fan and not know about the Anipike.

Future plans?

To continue enjoying anime and watching the fandom grow in the US. To continue making more anime pages. My dream job would probably be to be paid to make anime sites :)

Lisa Z


Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Convention reporter/forum mini-admin.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

Owns an adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is awesome at dog agility. She's just the cutest thing ever, even cuter than anime characters! I just want to hug her forever. *gazes at Corgi............* Oh, and, uh, I smite the evil spammers and trolls on the Anipike forum.

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

I found the Anipike on the internet, and got there using a computer that was connected to the internet. I was sitting in a chair at the time, and I clicked some words that led me to the Anipike webpage. It was daytime at the time. Or maybe it was nighttime. Well, it certainly was one of those two. I also got to where I am now by using a computer, although it is not the same computer as before. Also, I am not sitting in the same chair as before, but it equal in its uncomfortableness.

Future plans?

To continue dog agility, and also to get a puppy and do dog agility with it too as well.



Name/Nick: Rosanne/Risu-chan

Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Anipike Super Mod, particularly intro forum mod, columnist for "The Skwerly's Belly"

A little description/introduction of yourself?

Hungry squirrel hailing from Toronto, Canada.

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

I found the Anipike by doing some sort of search on anime way back in '97. When the Anipike was doing the re-vamping in 2003, I found out through an entry posted by Arshes in LiveJournal community that they were looking for people to help weed out dead links. I responded to it and helped weed out the dead links. Yas told me to try out the forum, which I did.

Then, I started to welcome everyone who posted to the intro forum, because I wanted people to feel included, a feeling that is not always present when joining a large community. Eventually, I became a mod of that section. Then, as I got more involved, I became a super mod.

I attribute my writing of snack food reviews and getting my own column to my first article: "Adventures in Natto". It made people feel sick. It was great!

Future plans?

In terms of the 'pike, who knows. I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing now, no more, no less.



Name/Nick: I, Hene-Sama, am known to most as Rob.

Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Well I started off as regular member (2003). Heck I was even an annoying one, I think I mass spammed the board and got myself a warning. But now I'm a moderator...hmm.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

At the moment I'm 19 years old, I live in Alberta, Canada where I've grown up and am currently enrolled at college. I'm a Christian and I take my faith seriously, I have a lot of ambitions for what I will do for the world and I hope that I can meet them. Other than the basics I guess I'm pretty easy going, I like a good laugh and I care a lot about people.

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are now?

I honestly don't remember how I found, I must have stumbled upon it while scouring the web. What inspired me to sign up for the forum? I have no idea.

As for how I got where I am now, I do remember that. I discovered that I really liked the forum, I liked discussing anime and manga with the other members, and I liked the friends that I made here. I also made an effort to make my post worth something for anyone who reads them, I'd put some real thought and content in my comments and replies hoping that I would honestly contribute to the discussion. If I remember correctly, I had over 1000 posts before I became a moderator, then we had the crash (that we mods surely remember) But just for the record and for the sake of me tooting my own horn, retroj was the first member to break 1000 posts and I was the second member.

Anyway, diligent posting is what lead the other mods to choose me to help them out. For a long time I was very active in the forum and in my moderating duties. But as I've progressed through my life my spare time has decreased, so I don't swing by so often. Every now and then I'll go on a moderating rampage though.

Future plans?

I have no plans of ever leaving the forum, I really love this place. Sure I might not have the time to be as active as I used to, and sure sometimes this place makes me just shake my head, but that's not enough to drive me away.

As for plans for myself, I hope to complete my degree in Political Science (and a few others as well). Then I hope to be in a position to go out into the world and serve the Lord (missionary work). Then I hope get myself a career, get married, and have some kids.


Past/Present Anipike Occupation?

Review to Reviewer-Moderator to Reviewer-Moderator-Columnist

A little description/introduction of yourself?

Well, I have ecclectic tastes in anime. I'm an X-Chef, current Science student. Living in Ontario. Trying my best to keep up to date with my writing, school and work, though I appear to be a terrible juggler. If it's a question of specific Anime tastes.. I always lean to fantasy, but I like bits of everything.

How did you find out about Anipike? and how did you get to where you are now?

Well, I first learned of Anipike from a friend many years ago. One day I noticed an open call for reviewers, and I submitted a sample review. I was accepted to do that and went from there. I've not been as active as I'd like on the whole, but I do still lurk very often, in between homework and what not.

Future plans?

I'd really like to get more in depth in my mythology articles, get some of the really good stuff out there. It'd be nice to maybe do a double review of something food-themed with Risu-chan. The fact that it took me a billion years to answer this should be an indicator that I'd like to have more time to be active for the site.



Eclipse is just another Super Mod at the 'Pike, trying hard to spread his Gumunism. That's all, nothing to see here, please move along.

Where are They Now?

Staff come and go, so where are some of the old 'Pikers now, and what are they doing?

Extra: Check the Not Faq page for some fun facts on the "Old 'Pike".

Jay Fubler Harvey

The man who started Anipike, he really neads no introduction, especially since most of what Jei did has already been covered in other parts of this feature.

Jay or Jei?

People may notice something strange about Jay's name... Some people call him "Jay," while others use "Jei." So what is his real name? Is the other one just a nickname? Hans gives us the answer: "That's pretty easy to explain: "Jay" is his real name, and "Jei" is how it would be spelled in Japan (in Romaji), so they are interchangable. He himself used both spellings (he often used Jei in e-mails, and as part of his e-mail address).

It is important to note that, while many people contributed to Anipike in its early days, Jay was the only "staff" of the site, the others, such as Miro, Ryan, and Nikkou, "helped out" as friends of Jei.

Jay currently runs his own blog, which can be found at

Ryan Mathews

When and how did you find out about Anipike?

Oh, from the beginning. Jason "Jei" Harvey was a good friend from the Akron Animation Association. When he decided to create an organized anime link directory, he had me proofread the original homepage.

Why was the domain name instead of

Beats me. I'd guess Jei just preferred smaller URLs.

Where are you now and what are you working on?

I still live in the Akron area and am now happily married to "Anne Packrat", who wrote the guest column in April 2000. I keep track of ANN and still watch tons of anime, but when you're 39 and work full-time, finding the time to do fannish things is hard. I did fly to Anime Expo for the first time since 2003, with Anne and two of her cosplay friends. I had a great time.

What was it like working for Anipike back then? Busy? Fun? How did people (around you and/or at conventions) react when they found out you were with Anipike?

People never understood that the Turnpike was one guy, Jei. He didn't have any staff. He had friends that contributed content, but he did all the maintenance himself, by hand, with no automation. That's the main reason he sold the site. I did my best to help out by providing lists of dead links encountered when I wrote my column. I also preformatted it into HTML so it wouldn't take him too long to process it.

For five years, my routine was the same from month-to-month. First I'd come up with a topic. Monday or Tuesday night before the column was due, I'd start browsing. I needed a bare minimum of 100 sites to find enough good stuff for a column, but often I'd browse two or three times that. Mind you, the vast majority of the sites were crap that could be dismissed as uninteresting within 15 seconds.

On Wednesday, I'd write the "rant", the opinion piece that started the column. I enjoyed this part the most. I was surprised by how much readers enjoyed that part.

I'd finish the browsing by Saturday. Sunday would be an exhausting 8 hours, on average, of slow writing, as I rebrowsed every site I'd marked as interesting in my notes and wrote reviews. Then I'd add the letters page and be done in time for dinner. I'd send the column to Jei the last Sunday before the end of the month, so people could count on Last Exit being there on the first.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it for the responses I got. Even as webforums took over the internet, my letters page remained vibrant and busy. And yeah, I was occasionally recognized at a con, but not too often. I think my proudest moment was when Scott Frazier told the audience at a panel that he didn't bother browsing the Anipike anymore, because I "found all the good stuff".

What do you plan to do in the future? Anything related to anime/manga?

Nah, those days are behind me. I'm older and busier and just don't have the time or energy to write web columns or fanfic. Also, anime fandom has grown to gargantuan proportions since my heyday. I enjoyed being a "big fish in a little sea", back when all the fanfic in the world was posted in one place, back when there was pretty much one anime site worth mentioning. They were great days, but they're over.



Please introduce yourself, who are you? and what do you do? Where did the name Nikkou come from?

I am a bespectacled, height-challenged biped of unknown origins, famous for having lots of hair. I do whatever I like, as much as and whenever I can get away with it. 'Nikkou' was suggested by Jei as a .net nickname because I'm 'sunshiny' cheerful and it was incognito-ly androgynous.

When and how did you find about Anipike?

Sailormoon! I did a 'Yahoo!' search. It was a long time ago. There were about 5 relevant links, one of them being the Anipike Sailormoon links page.

What do you think of the current Anipike, do you still visit it frequently?

Ummm...back then I visited Anipike mainly for link checking. I haven't checked links for a long while now...

When did you leave Anipike? Was there a specific reason?

Vodka was coming onto the market in a big way. It needed much time, work and effort to work through every brand and flavour. In fact, I'm still working on it.

Where are you now and what are you working on?

Beside the vodka? I polish shoes. I have an affinity for leather. Most people will say I can be found in the state of Illusion.

What was it like working for Anipike back then? Busy? Fun? Care to describe how things worked way back when?

It was busy, yes, but it took up a lot more of Jei's time so the time I spent seemed negligible in comparision. It was fun. It had to be cos that's what we were getting out of it, fun and fresh air! I can't remember how exactly we got things done. Lots of wine, women and song, also peace and goodwill from men.

Please tell us a bit about Nikkou's Choice, what's your opinion of it?

It's a little difficult to have to state an opinion about my own list. Since you're asking so politely, my answer would be that it's a great little concise list of links to some of my favourite sites by some of my favourite people, some of them sadly extinct by now. Um, the sites...not the people.

What was your favorite feature of Anipike?

Jei. ^_^

Any inside stories or fun tibits that no one knows about you would like to share?

I'm not fun at all, and it's debatable whether I have any insides. Any fun or inside stories about me are made up by my enemies. Of which I have none. fun or inside anythings.

If you could describe Anipike in a sentence or two, how would you describe it?

Oh my goodness.. "Anipike... Better than MySpace to meet people! Prettier too! "I'm a reserved and private person, but running the "Guestpicks" for Anipike had me speaking to a lot of people. Very pretty too, the people..

What does the future hold for Nikkou?

It's more interesting if I don't know what's going to happen. I like surprises.

...And that's all!

Oho oho, I guess right now you are thankful that's all!

Yes, thanks indeed. :)

Aoi Tsuki


Name/Nick: Aoi Tsuki, more commonly shortened to Aoi; I thought it sounded cool at the beginning of my Japanese career, and got lucky enough to pick 'Blue Moon' instead of 'Flatulent Monkey' or similar.

Past/Present Anipike Occupation: Forum mod, then magazine reviews editor, then reviews manager/editor, then forum admin, occasional #anipike chat operator, and now: occasional passerby.

A little description/introduction of yourself?

I'm female, living in Texas, where it is far too hot; language is my forte, though I haven't quite hit Super Saiyan yet...and I owe myself a whack for using that reference in this day and age.

How did you find out about Anipike? How did you get to where you are/were?

Geez. It was back in early 2003 that I noticed the Anime Web Turnpike advertising for writers and columnists for a new magazine. I sent in a Blue Seed review, duly approved by local site-deity Yasuke. I got onto the then-private forum, wriggled myself into modship there and an editing gig by virtue of The Power of Spelling - amongst others, of which ye mortals are not to be enlightened without substantial monetary devotion first - and ended up editing by myself for a bit when my esteemed colleagues were swamped by real-life problems. The site crashed quite resoundingly a couple of years ago, after which I was granted Adminship in order to help clean up; I would undoubtedly still be on Olympus had I not let myself slide into disuse on the site thanks to depression, school, and a lot of other factors that were just plain my fault. (LiveJournal is the procrastination-devil.)

Are you still active? Was there a specific reason for the inactivity?

Depressingly enough, no, I just kind of stopped doing Anipike-related things. Feel free to make up a cooler version for yourself, though, with aliens and perhaps a gratuitous mud-wrestling scene.

During the time you've been with Anipike, how, in your eyes, has the site changed over the years?

The forum used to have just 60 or so people. The baby's grown into a monster, and that's fairly awesome. :D The site's evolved into a much larger, sleeker, less yellow beast than what I knew at the beginning there.

What are some of your most memorable moments involving Anipike?

Late-night chats were always fun, as were some debate/birthday threads (one of mine nearly made me cry, it improved a crappy birthday so much); your vaunted interviewer and I have also been discussing the Inuyasha manga in one thread for years now, which is pretty spiffin'. Oh! And swapping presents with site members, like the dog-safe chocolate bones I gave my adorably hairy Corgi niece for Christmas last year.

Future plans?

No clue! But that's part of the fun, right? ...RIGHT?

Hans Raillard

Last but now least, we have Hans Raillard, father of the famous Turnpike Trixie. Where is he now? What is he doing? Find out all about Hans and his trixie on the specially designated Turnpike Trixie page!

Other Old Staff

More info can be found on the Credits page and the Thanks page.

- Will Ray - Provided the original home for Anipike on Soyokaze.
- Miro - Hosted Anipike's European server at
- Tim Neems - Showed that "Trixie *really* knows how to hitch-hike."
- Ryan Gavigan - Managed the Fan Subs/Dubs page.
- Anne Packrat - Checked Anipike's pages.
- Ben Cantrick - Checked Anipike's pages.
- Patrick Vera - Helped with creating an update system.
- Ian Justman - Helped with Japanese on Unix systems.
- Frederik Schodt - Publicity and support.
- Lea Hernandez - Publicity and support.

Memorable Staff

Memorable staff from the Editorial Team, IRC Ops, and Forum Mods. Note that some staff belongs in multiple sections, they will be listed under the section they're most known for, provided they're not listed in the above sections.

For a full list of currently active staff, please visit Anipike's Staff Page.

Former Staff/Admin/Mods

- Ebony_L - Former admin/mod.
img - CadetDru - The strict mod.
- Aoi Tsuki - Super Mod/Admin/Editorial/etc.
- Shinigami - Former mod.
- Chloe - Former mod.
- Tuna - "With rice, kinda nice."


- matt maruca - Former Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial team.
- boiler1 - Anti-mod.
- mythsEX
- hkaddict
- Fall
- MiniGendo
- Aryael


- Bakadesu - Ops/Editorial.
- Godzilla - Actually a bot, now gone.

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