.: NOTE :.

It now has been over a year since I started this site of mine.
Originally designed as a personal blog, I thought it was worth to change it into a newsblog, with a personal touch,
mainly focused on news regarding Leiji Matsumoto in English.
This has been a great, though very stressfull, idea which I wouldn't want to have missed, there's no regret.
However, there's a time anyone of us is in need of a little "brake".

Througout the year I've tried my best to keep this site updated, even though it means to invest the little amount
of sparetime I had during my social service year to look out for news worth noting here.
It was well worth it, I've met some new friends with this site (like Helen or the great guys/girls over at
the Webring Leiji francophone) which I wouldn't want to miss and I will stay in touch with 'em for sure. ^_^

However, this is foremost a hobby.
I want to enjoy it and do not want to feel forced nor let myself be denounce by certain sites, claiming themselves to be
"The World's Source For Anime News", just because they obviously can't help themself to promote their site in a
better way or, for whatever the reason is, they felt pissed off by my site (and like I've sadly learned by trying to contact
them, some fans out there are in need to get a life really soon ^_~).
Without going into detail in this matter, just let me say that this is not worth it ... in the end.
Like I said, it's a hobby and not a competition, so I just want to simply enjoy this hobby the most I can.
And it's not like I do not have an open ear for comments or correctings, ask ppl who did this in the past.
But it's a question of style "how" someone's doin' this.

Aside from the noted, another major reason for this decision is to have time to spend it on some other things in my life.
I've got a huge backlog of Manga, for which I haven't got the time to read througout this year until now. ^_~
I will continue posting news on places like the great AnimeonDVD Forum (so you will most
likely see my usual smartass comments there as well ^_~), wholeheartly recommend places like Natsume
Mayas site Natsume Goushin Ryu Dojo , who will hopefully find the time to
start updating his site in the near future and Anime News Network (both sites that have prooved
througout the years to be very reliably sources, IMO the most reliably ones out there in English language) when it
comes about news for Anime and Manga.

Without making this sounding too dramatic (it's really just that I feel the energy and love I put into this site just
didn't pay out in the end), my place is just a site not being updated anymore in a place of thousands.
Who knows, maybe in future I will find some motivation to go back and continue where I left, but at the present time
I just thought it would be fair to give at least some reasons to the few readers of this site but as also has been
mentioned before, I'll stay in touch with them. ^_^

Anyway, it has been a great time.
Thanks for reading and supporting this site!