September 29, 2004

And it all comes out in one fat deluge

Bags and Boards reports that Tokyopop plans to produce a live-action movie of Real Bout High School starring Melissa Joan Hart. Of all the comic book movies in all the world ...

What, you mean they make comics in OTHER Asian countries besides Japan? Gerry Alanguilan has dispatches from the Philippine comic book scene.

Ian at Brill Building has some good things to say about Taiyo Matsumoto's Black and White; (note to self, check this out sometime) and over at Comic Book Resources they have a couple of old American dudes talking about what makes manga so ... manga-esque. Naturally this also involves putting it in context with the US comic industry and why Marvel sucks at doing manga-esque.

Ooh, Completely Futile finally weighs in on the recently exhumed corpse of the "There's Too Much Manga!" debate. Adam reminds us (in more words or less): Have you even SEEN how much manga they put out in the Japanese periodicals? There's plenty more good stuff out there to be found. It's just that those guys at Tokyopop ... well ... y'know ...

I was gonna send y'all to Thought Balloons for some more links on Asian comics, but Mae Mai did a much better job cataloguing these. It's all about the manga-style wanted poster, man. I want to design one of those.

Dude, why is Johnny Bacardi so good at finding cute drawings?

So it looks like a publisher by the name of Seven Seas is entering the manga market, too ... don't know any of their titles, but the art's all right. (Source: ANN)

Not to go ZOMGWTFYAY or anything, but SnoopyCool just put up Chapters 69-74 of Midori No Hibi, or, The One Where That Guy's Right Hand Turns Into a Girl.

Just to prove that it isn't all sword-wielding samurai and simpering schoolgirls: Manga-Fiends, in partnership with MangaDownloads, has released the first chapter of Major, a baseball manga about a precocious kindergartener who dreams of making it to the big leagues like his dad. And, yeah, it's a tad more interesting than it sounds, honest.

And holy crap you guys, the US editions of Matantei Loki Ragnarok (they SHOULD have started with the original Matantei Loki, fools!), Tactics and Peacemaker Kurogane are ALL coming out this Wednesday. ph33r.


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