September 24, 2004

Candidate for Serialization

So I guess this is today's big news. New manga to premiere in pages of Newtype USA:

Lagoon Engine Einsatz, a new serialized manga from best-selling creator Yukiru Sugisaki (D•N•Angel, Candidate for Goddess), will appear for the first time ever in the October issue of Newtype USA!

A special collaboration between the renowned artist and the top-selling anime magazine in the English-speaking world, Lagoon Engine Einsatz marks a first for any manga—it will be published in English before being released in Japan. The new manga project will also include several full-color pages in each installment, adding some unique visual flair to the traditionally black-and-white manga pages. [emphasis mine]

Meanwhile, some gormless fanboy is already preparing to seethe with rage at how the translators wrecked the English-language version of Lagoon Engine Einsatz. Yeah, I guess it would be pretty tough to translate a title that doesn't have an original Japanese script in the first place.

Lots of new Chapter 1 releases from shoujo specialists DGT, including Koigokoro Fantasia, Heaven, Yurara no Tsuki, and Dakishimete Noir. But maybe what you should really check out is So Bad, an earlier work by Hot Gimmick's Miki Aihara.

Broccoli/AnimeGamers is putting out Juvenile Orion trinkets. So now you can have those pretty boys with you everywhere.

Watch out! Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, SW:Clone Wars) is working on a live action Astro Boy.

No need for big pages? AoD reports that Viz is reprinting the Tenchi manga in the $10 format: Vol. 1 comes out 11/20/04, Vol. 2 on 1/29/05.


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