September 25, 2004

Missed this one on the way through the ICv2 discussion ...

Torsten Adair of Barnes & Noble gives the dish on manga, and boy does he know what he's talking about. I'm especially partial to the graphic novel rental idea, which might (hopefully) cut down on all those tweeners who pounce into B&N manga aisles, park themselves on the floor with about 5 volumes, and just sit there reading, making it hard for other folks to browse.

Christopher Butcher checks in too.

Stop me before I start to look like one of those doe-eyed fanboys going, "Wow, they make COMICS in JAPAN too?! Where they are widely accepted and enjoyed by the general population?!"

On the anime front, FUNimation picked up Samurai 7, half the community is pissed that they won't be able to download it for free anymore, the other half is defending the ethical and moral principles of licensing, and that *WHUMPWHUMPWHUMP* sound you hear is Akira Kurosawa rolling in his grave ... with laughter.


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