September 27, 2004

The TP Juggernaut Continues

Franklin Finds that DC Comics and Dark Horse have just been PWN3D by Tokyopop, which now boasts a backlist of 800 trade paperbacks -- the most of any comics company in the US.

(As a side note, do recall that many of these TPBs are ... well ... not all that great. But one could say the same of any of the big-name comics publishers.)

On to Round 2 with the Manga Retail Wars at ICv2.

Scanlations of interest:
- Orange Tangerine has released Chapter 35 of Death Note, though that series seems to be really running on fumes (and LOTS of text) these days and it's not as cool as it was when it first started out.
- Another chapter of Ai Yazawa's Nana over at Sugar Oasis.


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