October 6, 2004

Hey, we just want you to release Tsubasa faster

Via ListerX and AoD, it would appear that Del Rey has licensed a couple of new manga titles: Nodame Cantabile, about a music student who wants to Be The Best!!!11~® . . . at conducting; and Genshiken, a "peek into the world of Japanese otaku, poking fun as it follows the life of Sasahara Kanji in his drive for anime, manga, video games, and pornographic doujinshi." Yup, this one looks to be about as self-indulgent and inbred as any of the autobiographical indy comics out there. Mrhkljhgawgfrg.


Anonymous said...

Genshiken is self-indulgent and inbred the way "Real Genius" was. They know the culture they're portraying, and they are very sympathetic to it, judging it by its own values, but still able to laugh at its foibles. I find it very entertaining.

I think the series is redeemed by the fact that one of the major characters is an outsider, and a lot of the story is told through her eyes, as she (reluctantly) gets sucked into it.

12:20 PM  

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