October 22, 2004

More hot boy-on-boy action

Active Anime reports that yaoi imprint Be Beautiful has acquired Target in the Finder and will be promoting the new title at Yaoi-con, which will be held in San Francisco on Halloween weekend.

Freelance photographer Akihito Takaba secretly investigates the mysterious Asami, said to control Japan's underworld society. Asami captures Akihito and submits him to a night of pleasure and pain he could have never before imagined. Soon thereafter, Fei Long, son of the most powerful Chinese mafia boss, comes after Akihito to demand the critical evidence he's uncovered.


Anonymous said...

this site is shit there is no boy on boy action and i amgirl who wanted to see abit of that 2day

11:53 PM  
kitty said...

Love the scanlation manga...still waiting to get my hand on the US release...

The drawing is beautiful...the men are handsome...the love scenes are intense :) my favorite yaoi manga ever...especialy Akihitooooo

7:40 PM  

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