October 22, 2004

Reviews Galore!

The ever-prolific AoD has new reviews for Beyblade Vol. 1 (working title: Buy our toys, ya stupid kids); Geobreeders Vol. 2 -- girls and guns, always a good combination; and Revenge of Mouflon Vol. 2 from Gutsoon, the Crossgen of manga. Well, not really, but they did go "on hiatus" due to "financial troubles" and all their releases since have been "delayed."

Also, iComics.com has a review of Del Rey's Othello Vol. 1, which may very well be the next big shoujo thing if it weren't so repetitive.


Dorian said...

I was sorry to see Gutsoon go, as I was really enjoying "City Hunter."

8:16 AM  

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