October 5, 2004

They're at it again!

Anime News Service has a press release from EigoMANGA, who have proudly proclaimed October their "break-out month."

eigoMANGA will re-release Issue #1 of RUMBLE PAK to be offered for sale in Barnes & Noble, Media Play, and Tower Records stores nationwide, while expanding the title's reach to include independent bookstores throughout Canada. It will appear on magazine shelves on October 15, 2004. eigoMANGA's television program on ANIME MIX will feature original cartoons and animated shorts based off the comics featured in RUMBLE PAK as well as behind-the-scene footage of the artists of RUMBLE PAK.

Not that I want to discourage them or anything, but I've seen Rumble Pak #1. Why do I get the feeling that Seven Seas is going to totally PWN their ass when its anthology comes out?


Libby said...

Grrr... Why aren't they talking more about ShoujoPak, too? That's so annoying...

4:28 PM  

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