October 26, 2004

Top 25 messageboard discussions of all time!

The city of Kyoto plans to open a manga museum. "Over 230,000 manga, dating from the early Meiji era to the present, will be stored in the museum. The majority of the material was donated by two collectors in the Kanto region."

Newtype USA magazine is crazy enough to think it can name the Top 25 Anime of All Time, which will undoubtedly set off a thousand angry forum threads. Good thing this blog ain't "Otaku Rampage" or we'd be drowning in forumsnark for weeks ...

AoD has a review of Madara Vol. 1, an epic fantasy that's spearheading the launch of DC's new CMX line.

There's no mistaking what time of year it is at Junko Mizuno's site. (Thanks, Shawn!)

Chapter 39 of Death Note goes up, and our two favorite boy geniuses continue trying to out-guess each other ...


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