October 27, 2004

Wolf's Box

Borders and Waldenbooks have cut a special deal with Viz to release a Wolf's Rain manga box set, consisting of Vol. 1, a collectible card, and -- well -- a piece of cardboard with some nice drawings on it. ("From the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne!" they remind us.)

Interesting discussion on yaoi/boy's-love/shounen-ai, or, Why do girls love Japanese comics about boys bonking?

-during the adolescent age, girls find boys disgusting. In yaoi or any shoujo, males are portrayed as flawless pretty boys--in other words, perfect.
-they associate with the bishounen more simply because Japanese women aren't nearly as busty as women are normally portrayed in manga. They almost have more in common with an effiminate hairless male than a big breasted, curvy woman.
-homosexual men don't compete for another woman's affections and just compete for men. This would be ideal for a woman to have no competition for a guy unobtainable to any woman.
-girls relate more to the guys because it's easier to picture them as women than actual hairy men.

and lots of other stuff.

Fresh reviews on AoD: Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 7, Full Metal Panic Vol. 5, and Couple Vol. 2.

And it looks like one of Disney's many tentacles is entering the manga game: "Hyperion Books, the American publishing arm of the Disney entertainment empire, has won a bidding war with Henry Holt and will publish manga created by Misako Takashima, who grew up in Japan but currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. ... Takashima's first manga, which is tentatively entitled Ride On!, is at least a year away."


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