October 8, 2004

Zombies = cool, samurai = cool, therefore Zombie Samurai = UBAR!

Via ICv2: Central Park Media announces 3 new manga titles due in January.

Slayers Premium is the hilarious manga adaptation of the fifth Slayers movie in which the all-too-edible OCTOPI attempt to gain revenge on humanity in general and the voracious Lina Inverse in particular.

The Sword of Shibito Vol. #1 is the first book in a series about a zombie samurai written by Hideyuki Kikuchi, author of Demon City Shinjuku, Darkside Blues, and Vampire Hunter D.

In contrast to the dark happenings in Sword of Shibito, Over the Rainbow is a frothy comedy/romance about two clueless lawyers and their mysterious amnesiac client.

And, much as I enjoy the Slayers franchise, Slayers Premium still sounds like the name of a gasoline. :p


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