November 13, 2004


AoD has an advance review of Heian-Era (ca. 1000) shoujo tale More Starlight to Your Heart Vol. 1 and the girlfriend-who-will-blow-up-the-world series Saikano Vol. 2.

Does you likes the moving pictures? The Anime Encyclopedia may be the first book that actually gets things right, with a comprehensive summary of Japanese animation both popular and obscure. Contains side notes about the manga versions too.


Anonymous said...

Actually, TAE doesn't "get it right." At a rough estimate, at least one-third of the plot descriptions for shows I've watched contain errors; sometimes minor, but often major. At the extreme, the description of Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade (which TAE calls "Abeno Bridge Magical Mall") has virtually nothing in common with the actual show.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

That last comment was me. To go on with what I was saying, TAE is fun to read, and gives a good picture of the diversity of anime, but is far too error-ridden for something that purports to be a reference work.

--Adam Stephanides

8:55 AM  
Shawn Fumo said...

As Adam mentions, it has good points but also a lot of issues. As he mentions, there is problems with errors. I belive the majority of the factual problems was for recent anime (at the time of publishing), where aparantly there hadn't been time to watch those shows and unfortunately decided to extrapolate way too much from limited information.

Another issue is spoilers. I can appreciate wanting to have some analysis and link various things together, but it would have been nice if there was an attempt at separation of some kind. You can literally be reading an overview discription and then the first sentance of the next paragraph reveals the end of the series, which can be pretty annoying.

This was that there was a bit too much editorializing for my taste. Sometimes it is less like an "encyclopedia" and more like a series of reviews. That's of course a choice by the authors, but again for the more recent titles, I think there is some cynicism starting to show and some shows IMO getting bashed too hard purely on the basis of not being original. Or something like Crest of the Stars which many people consider one of the best sci-fi anime series is pretty harshly critisized for not living up to the novels that one of the authors is obviously a fan of...

But it DOES list almost every anime released at that time, and there is certainly a lot of good information and many reviews that I do agree with. But I really wish there'd be a new version released with at least the errors fixed. When the book was first released, I started a thread on AoDVD to collect errors and the point man at the publisher seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, so perhaps one will come about some day...

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