November 3, 2004

A Captor of Cards

ANN has just picked up a list of new ComicsOne release dates. Watch out for Iron Wok Jan Vol. 11 on January 15, 2005.

AoD reviews Louie the Rune Soldier Vol. 3 and finds it to be pretty decent.

Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) dominated at Yaoicon 2004 during Halloween weekend, announcing not only new titles (see Elves and Boobs) but also an appropriately named website,

The Pseudome forums get interesting as they ask, What are magical girls made of? "Funny outfits? Transformation sequences? Evil baddies with questionable sexual preferences? Talking cat side kicks? Non-connecting line art? What?"
(Hint: It's a whole lot more than skintight sailor uniforms or Clow cards.)


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