November 2, 2004

Elves and boobs

Tokyopop is releasing another homegrown title, Sokora Refugees, which promises to be "so much more than just panty shots and shower scenes" (I should hope so) and "will surely appeal to fans of both American Pie and Lord of the Rings."

For people who love to read screenshots, Viz is releasing a My Neighbor Totoro ani-manga.

Broccoli Books will be releasing a Juvenile Orion Limited Edition Vol. 5 + box, which will house all five volumes of the manga and alos comes with two keychains. (Meanwhile, AoD has reviewed Vol. 4 of this title.)

Also on ANN, but without a link: Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) has acquired the yaoi title Yellow and the how-to book Let's Draw Manga: Yaoi. (Oh, how the fangirls will jump at this one ... )

James @ Reading Along feels that Remote Vol. 3 has crossed the line, but Hikaru No Go Vol. 2 is damn good. And don't be surprised if you find yourself itching to buy a Go set.

Dorian @ PoMoBa, meanwhile, has nice words for both XXXHolic Vol. 3 and From Eroica With Love Vol. 1.


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