November 24, 2004

I bet you anything my page visits will spike just because I wrote "yaoi manga" in this entry.

From ANN (no specific link) comes news that Media Blasters' release of the yaoi manga Level C will be uncut but that "all characters portrayed having sex or in the nude will be depicted as aged 18 or older." The main character is actually 16 in the Japanese version, but y'know how that could cause some legal tangle-ups in the States.

Bill @ Pop Culture Gadabout has an in-depth look at Case Closed Vol. 1. I wish Viz luck with printing the 46+ volumes of this series -- and yes, it is STILL running in Japan, and no, Conan still hasn't changed back yet. Also, the anime incarnation (interestingly, Viz seems to have been forced into using Funimation's Americanized name changes [Detective Conan -> Case Closed, Shinichi Kudo -> Jimmy Kudo, Ran Mori -> Rachel Moore, among others] because they released the manga shortly after the anime started in the US) has just reached Episode 379 in Japan. Yep. No shortage of adventures here.

I saw Oni's Love as a Foreign Language on the comic store shelves a week and a half ago ... and I swear, I would've gotten it, had it not been for the fact that I was already picking up a month's worth of stuff that had come out since I last went to the store.

Viz's new releases for March include the RPG-shounen series Legendz, shoujo romance Happy Hustle High, and shoujo angstfest Doubt!! ("But her anime geek past haunts her, especially a traumatic incident in which she was pantsed at her previous school, revealing her dorky underwear." That sells it right there.) Just a side thought, they really ought to license So Bad, since they already have that core audience of Miki Aihara fans riding the Hot Gimmick train who will snap up that title like piranha.

Here's one for the Brits and anyone else who'll be around London from 16-19 December: The International Manga and Anime Festival is still looking for submissions to their artists' competition. Categories include Best Short Animation, Best Storyboard, Best Character, and Outstanding Entry. Did I mention that the prize money is $5000?

AoD's review for today is Whistle! Vol. 1, which gets utterly wrecked by the soccer-ignorant translators.


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