November 20, 2004

Left Turn Only.

Through Thought Balloons and ICv2: manga backlist sales starting to look pretty formidable on the direct market. Number-crunching ensues.

Of course, this week's noteworthy manga are all covered at the ever-essential Right Turn Only.

This is vaguely scary. James Cameron is working on a live-action adaptation of Battle Angel Alita?

Among other titles, Viz has picked up Hunter x Hunter and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, both Shonen Jump series.

Following on the heels of the XXXHolic movie announcement, it appears that an anime incarnation of Tsubasa will soon be upon us. (Can anyone fully translate the scan shown above?)

Don't know why I'm bothering with this one, but ... if you really, REALLY like schoolkids who fight each other by proxy ... Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie Ani-Manga comes out next Tuesday.

On the review front: AoD thinks Tokyo Babylon Vol. 2 is awesome. CWR thinks Cheeky Angel Vol. 3 is pretty funny.

SnoopyCool has just put up a Midori No Hibi omake from the end of Vol. 7, which means they have just one more volume to go now ...


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