November 10, 2004

The manga is burning

... And the hand-wringing over Kuni Ga Moeru just doesn't stop.

But, as every freaking comics/manga/anime news site will tell you, Tokyopop has announced a whole bunch of new stuff! Look for a huge response to RG Veda, an early work by those four ladies of manga who rule their readership with an iron fist G-pen.

AoD has something to say about Saikano Vol. 1.

And look, Christopher @ 212 / Previews Review has a Retailer's Rough Guide to Upcoming Manga Releases. Use it wisely! I mean, really, B&N is never going to stock Taiyo Matsumoto because they have too many damn volumes of Naruto and Fruits Basket, so help us out here!


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