November 17, 2004

No God, Just Father

ANN has a review of Shadow Star by Mohiro Kitoh. Geez, Dark Horse, you need to do a better job of getting this kind of manga out there, because ... it's Mohiro Kitoh!

And hey, they put up my review of Wolf's Rain Vol. 1.

So ... according to Diamond's list of new stuff, Tokyopop is soliciting the Warcraft manga in this December's Previews. Iiiiinteresting.

And Seven Seas' new titles are being solicited in that issue too.

AoD has a review for the fanservicey Psychic Academy Vol. 1.

Finally, Furinkazan has started work on Yakuza Papa, an odd little tale about a tough-as-nails mobster who's trying to raise a five-year-old daughter. (Hey, wasn't there a short-lived American sitcom like this ... ?)


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