November 1, 2004

Open Shutters

Rikki Simons, co-author of Tokyopop's homegrown title ShutterBox, has an interesting personal commentary on how they're selling the book in bookstores vs. the direct market.
One of the most aggravating things I used to hear in the direct market was a retailer telling a customer that our comic was sold out. This meant that either 1. the retailer was lying and didn’t order any at all, or 2. the retailer ordered one copy and didn’t plan on ordering any more. This sort of thing continues to this day as evident by the fact that ShutterBox only sold about a thousand or so copies at direct market comic shops. The rest of ShutterBox’s sales were all through the regular book market (book stores, Amazon, Suncoast Video, etc.). This difference between the direct market and the regular book market is also reflected in our signings. We don’t usually do signings at comic book shops because no one shows up for us, but we will do them at regular book stores because at places like Waldenbooks we draw a long line of fans.

The times, they are a-changin'.


Dave said...

Probably has a lot to do with the returnability vs. non-retunability of bookstores vs. comics shops. Not surprising that a comic shop owner wouldn't want to take a gamble on an unproven $10 property and only order one (or zero) copies.

5:36 PM  

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