November 28, 2004

Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

Let's see what you scamps were up to while I was eating the food in my parents' house!

Johanna @ CWR has reviews for the complete Marmalade Boy, a classic shoujo series that also triggered the right-to-left explosion in domestic manga, and Your and My Secret Vol. 1, a gender-confused body-switching comedy.

James @ Reading Along is pleasantly surprised by Princess Tutu Vol. 1 (adapted from a much better anime) and gets a laugh from the rom-com manwha Couple.

AnimatedBliss has a glowing review of Othello Vol. 1, which strangely misses the whole issue of reproduction quality.

AoD looks at Firefighter! Vol. 8, arguably the Best Manga No One Is Reading, and Kia Asamiya's Dark Angel Vol. 4 (not to be confused with other stories or series of identical title).

Now here's a manga with a twist: Red (scroll down to find the downloads) is about a samurai in the 1880's who runs to America to escape the dishonor that would have befallen him in Japan. The rest of the story is ... well ... a Western. Red is the Native American who befriends our samurai runaway, and an interesting adventure ensues ...

But by far the most important news item of the day: Dorian @ PoMoBa is my hero for finding superhero fanart of the Japanese persuasion -- oh, and of the yaoi persuasion, at that. (There's also Star Trek and Andromeda for all you future-lovers.)


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