November 18, 2004

XXXHolic: Innocence

Las Vegas City Life profiles Chiba Tetsuya, creator of the seminal Ashita No Joe.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a manga character? No, me neither. But if you have the skills of an artist, you could find yourself "manga-fied" and drawn into a future Seven Seas book.

So, I hear that the exclusive Dark Horse / B&N deal is pissing retailers off, but for what it's worth, they've got Hellsing Vol. 1 and Trigun Vol. 2 due out soon, with the 1st volumes of Akira and Trigun already on shelves.
Asked whether it would be safe to assume that the three series involved would continue beyond these volumes, Dark Horse spokesperson Lee Dawson said, "Not necessarily, right now those are all that were contracted for. If they do well there's a possibility we might do more." Dawson also said that no additional titles had been contracted for as of this date.

Yeah, that's encouraging. :p

From the strange and flowery haunts of CLAMP comes news that the XXXHolic anime movie adaptation will be produced by Production I.G.. If they get anywhere near the budget that they had for End of Evangelion (I'm not hoping for a Ghost in the Shell 2 or anything here), this could be pretty awesome.

AoD delves into the ridiculously cute world of Koge Donbo with a review of Pita-Ten Vol. 1 ...

... while Johanna @ CWR looks into the most high-stakes Kindaichi volume yet with Kindaichi Case Files Vol. 10: Kindaichi the Killer.


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