December 7, 2004

Big news day!

Thought Balloons wonders: Why isn't CMX as awesome as we hoped it would be? Personally I think that part of the problem is the Big Manga Publishers (you know who you are) already have a lot of the really good licenses in the most popular genres. What CMX needs to do is go hunting for unexpected hits (may I recommend Beck or Yakitate!! Japan?) and not try to pick up third-tier shoujo and action titles. We've got enough of those. Then there's the issue of them being linked to DC, so of course, everyone has such high expectations of them just because they're affiliated with a huge, huge name in comics.

In the beginning, and in the end, there will always be ... Sgt. Frog.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram interviews Jimmy R. Vann, one of Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 4 winners.

Bookslut finds alternative manga, yay! And you get Awesome Points for name-dropping Secret Comics Japan (one of the few books I could read over and over).

Pressing even further beyond, there's a contemporary Japanese art exhibit at the Galeri Petronas in Malaysia.

Seven Seas enters the final stage of its Manga-fy Me! Contest. Yes folks, it's time to pick the most talented artist in the Wannabe-Manga But Not Really idiom.

And of course, what would a day be without an AoD review? This time it's Hanaukyo Maid Team Vol. 2, chock full of ... maids ... and fanservice. 'Nuff said.


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