December 10, 2004

"Les mangas" makes it sound so ... elegant.

The Orlando Sentinel notices that graphic novels and manga make kids read.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer notices that webcomics make syndicated newspaper comickers wary.

Animaxis notices that Nana, the wildly popular manga by Paradise Kiss creator Ai Yazawa, will be adapted into a live-action movie.

ICv2 notices that Del Rey has announced two new manga titles, Basilisk (which I recall was some sort of horror-ish adventure tale? don't quote me on this) and A Perfect Day for Love Letters, an anthology of short stories about ... love letters.

And for the Francophones among us, Le Monde has a special section on various manga titles that are currently being published in France. Wish I could read the article, but the series they're profiling along the nav bar have page previews you can look at.

NOTE: Edited for correction about the Le Monde article.


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