December 8, 2004


Here's something interesting I found off Aku-Tenshi: Harry Potter doujinshi, i.e., fan-comics by amateur manga-ka set in the HP world. Check it out for a Japanese take on an exceedingly British phenomenon.

Tokyopop announces a screencap collage cine-manga of The Incredibles, and no one is surprised.

Dark Horse announces an April 27th release date for Hipira: The Litte Vampire, written by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo. Be nice if we had some preview pages; the cover looks somewhat interesting.

Thought Balloons got to it first, but yeah: It's Hikaru No Go's fault that everyone is playing Go these days.

AoD has a review of Bride of Deimos Vol. 2, an intriguing anthology of shoujo horror tales.


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