December 9, 2004

Policy Change

Okay, here's a thought, I'm going to quit linking to every single review I see because a lot of them are just routine. And some aren't all that fun to read (not naming names). If it's a review I find particularly pleasing, or someone does a really good in-depth analysis, or simply hocks up a gigantic stack of reviews in one go, then I'll consider it newsworthy. Hopefully this'll make my blogging a little easier and I won't be clogging this place up with so many links.

Fans of Tokyopop's Ragnarok manwha can get to play a free trial of its online RPG incarnation. Because, yeah, if you ever get sick of City of Heroes or World of Warcraft ...

The San Antonio current notices that suddenly, comics (particularly in graphic novel form) matter. Longish article, but Thought Balloons has the Cliffs Notes version.

James @ Reading Along explains why Hot Gimmick rocks so hard. Yes, and also, it has the best side-story couple EVER. Subaru + Akane = ROBOT LOVE. <3


David Welsh said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I would push small children out of my way to buy a manga about Subaru and Akane.

1:47 AM  

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