December 15, 2004

Previews Postviews

Fine, fine, since everyone else is snarking up Previews, here are some new manga releases that caught my eye for the first few months of 2005 (courtesy of AoD's list):

ADV Manga:
Cromartie High School Vol. 1. Already adapted into a well-liked anime series, this one is a raucous comedy that parodies those ridiculously macho "tough guy" titles (like the one DMP can't stop pimping, Worst). Also, Freddie Mercury is a character in it.

CLAMP No Kiseki Vol. 1. I already looked over the Japanese edition of this, and now readers will have the English-language version that you can actually find in bookstores.

RG Veda Vol. 1. If Tokyo Babylon and Legend of Chun Hyang didn't clue you in, yes, Tokyopop is apparently going through CLAMP's back catalog in reverse chronological order.

Um ... that's about it Yes.

And ... c'mon folks, there's no reason anyone should have to buy a Yu-Gi-Oh card for $25000.


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