December 2, 2004

Rare events

Believe it, folks! Yoshitomo Nara is coming to St. Louis. Self-conscious, nonconformingly alike J-pop-culture hipsters ensue.

But not to be outdone, we are reminded that La Monnaie de Paris has just opened the Miyazaki-Moebius Expo, which may very well violate the laws of physics by having way too much comics and cartoonery talent in a single place.

SeqTart takes a nice long look at the romantic implications of Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol. 1.

AoD goes double-dipping today, with the sword-slashing snoozefest Yongbi the Invincible Vol. 2 and yet another boy-meets-way-too-many-pretty-girls title, DearS Vol. 1.


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