December 17, 2004

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(Thank you, Chris.)

Can you draw an owl? If so, enter the CWR Owly Contest. Seriously. This has GOT to be easier than that stupid bear-or-pirate art test.

If the Japanese canon doesn't satisfy you, take heart: Koreanimation comes to theaters in the guise of Wonderful Days.

Sadly, Viz has canceled its Animerica Extra magazine. (ANN; no specific link). Well, it had gotten kinda dated anyway; starting out as a manga anthology mag long before Shonen Jump ever showed up on US newsstands, Animerica Extra -- aimed at more mature manga fans rather than tweeners -- was recently converted to shojo-only after SJ started running and now I guess it's all over. (Most of the stuff on Extra was doing better in GN format anyway.)


Johanna said...

Thanks, Pata. I was wondering the other day how a shojo alternative to Shonen Jump would do; I guess that's not a good sign.

4:23 AM  
Greg McElhatton said...

To be fair, ANIMERICA EXTRA never received the same marketing and advertising push that SHONEN JUMP does. I think AE was cancelled in order to officially clear the deck for an upcoming, new shojo magaze in the same style as SHONEN JUMP (Viz even had its survey on what to name it) that will get the same level of attention.

Of course, if this really means that they'll speed up the reprinting of BANANA FISH then it's very much a good thing.

4:45 AM  
Pata said...

Good point, Greg. In my rush I'd neglected to mention that in my account. I do feel that a shojo anthology -- considering Viz's telegraphed plans for it -- will sell like gangbusters, as long as it has the same visibility and availability as SJ.

3:21 PM  
Shawn Fumo said...

At first glance it would seem bad, but it sounds like something new may take its place soon. See my entry on this.

6:52 PM  
Shawn Fumo said...

Whoops.. I missed Greg's comment that said the same thing! Still, it seems like there's at least two other things besides the survey that point to a new anthology. I really hope that they end up doing it.

6:54 PM  

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