December 13, 2004

Stray Rabbits and Fighting Rabbits

YACB does quick manga reviews and finds some comics not really worth reading.

Reading Along looks at CMX's release of Swan and finds a charming ballet comic, though it could've been printed better.

Malaysia's The Star profiles Sonny Liew, that oh-so-gifted penciler of My Faith in Frankie, Malinky Robot and others. Yes, I suppose Frankie is vaguely manga-esque, but it's also so much more. :D

If you try just one scanlation this week -- or possibly month -- please, PLEASE read Flower Cookies from Kotonoha. It's the most delightful little story about a stray rabbit that gets adopted by an elementary school class, and the artwork is a far cry from what you may be used to in domestic releases.

Also corrected the previous post about manga in France, after I got some help from an actual French speaker. ^^ Thanks Audrey!


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