December 6, 2004

The world of comics is DOOMED! ... or not.

Year-end recap from Publishers Weekly, Thought Balloons has it first: In case you hadn't noticed, only manga can save the comics industry now!

(Well ... not reeeeally ... but mostly.)

AoD braves the shores of ridiculous cuteness and comes out unscathed with kind words for Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Adventure.

AnimatedBliss goes for a double-dose of CLAMP with positive reviews of Tsubasa Vol. 3 and xxxHOLiC Vol. 3.

And, since enough people think Hayao Miyazaki is that important, here's an insightful review of Howl's Moving Castle from Midnight Eye, which also manages to pass commentary on the typically nearsighted American outlook on Japanese animation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Midnight Eye link. I am really pining for that movie and should probably reread the book yet again before it comes out, but I can't wait!!


7:30 PM  

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