December 1, 2004

Yes, we have no space-time witches

Okay, okay! Because it's just SO important, AoD has picked up the news on CMX's Jan/Feb '05 offerings: Vols. 1 of Gals! and Tenjou Tenge, and Vols. 2 of From Eroica with Love, Madara, Musashi No. 9, and Swan.

Watch out, folks: a young wave of Chinese artists who have no recollection of the Communist era are emerging as a pop-culture force in their own right: "the Cartoonist Generation."

Enough with the hemming and hawing, it's real this time! CLAMP's hit series Tsubasa will be adapted into an anime starting April 2005 in Japan. Yes ... no more rumors or kidding around, swear to honest.

And jumping right into serious matters, AoD reviews Nambul: War Stories Vol. 2.


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