September 30, 2004

It's Sakura Kinoshita week

Right Turn Only at ANN looks at this week's manga lineup, including the aforementioned MLR, PMK and Tactics.

Viz's new titles for November -- including the somewhat well-known Here is Greenwood.

Reimu is scanlating a couple of interesting-sounding titles, namely Ping Pong and Piano No Mori, but it looks like you have to go on their IRC channel to get them.

That's about all the news today, since you should be out there reading the new stuff! :p

September 29, 2004

Even cooler than the Chrono Trigger character of the same name

If you read one comic this week, make it Wil Pfeifer's Frog.

No, seriously.

(This actually reminds me of the comics I used to do when I was a kid ... )

And it all comes out in one fat deluge

Bags and Boards reports that Tokyopop plans to produce a live-action movie of Real Bout High School starring Melissa Joan Hart. Of all the comic book movies in all the world ...

What, you mean they make comics in OTHER Asian countries besides Japan? Gerry Alanguilan has dispatches from the Philippine comic book scene.

Ian at Brill Building has some good things to say about Taiyo Matsumoto's Black and White; (note to self, check this out sometime) and over at Comic Book Resources they have a couple of old American dudes talking about what makes manga so ... manga-esque. Naturally this also involves putting it in context with the US comic industry and why Marvel sucks at doing manga-esque.

Ooh, Completely Futile finally weighs in on the recently exhumed corpse of the "There's Too Much Manga!" debate. Adam reminds us (in more words or less): Have you even SEEN how much manga they put out in the Japanese periodicals? There's plenty more good stuff out there to be found. It's just that those guys at Tokyopop ... well ... y'know ...

I was gonna send y'all to Thought Balloons for some more links on Asian comics, but Mae Mai did a much better job cataloguing these. It's all about the manga-style wanted poster, man. I want to design one of those.

Dude, why is Johnny Bacardi so good at finding cute drawings?

So it looks like a publisher by the name of Seven Seas is entering the manga market, too ... don't know any of their titles, but the art's all right. (Source: ANN)

Not to go ZOMGWTFYAY or anything, but SnoopyCool just put up Chapters 69-74 of Midori No Hibi, or, The One Where That Guy's Right Hand Turns Into a Girl.

Just to prove that it isn't all sword-wielding samurai and simpering schoolgirls: Manga-Fiends, in partnership with MangaDownloads, has released the first chapter of Major, a baseball manga about a precocious kindergartener who dreams of making it to the big leagues like his dad. And, yeah, it's a tad more interesting than it sounds, honest.

And holy crap you guys, the US editions of Matantei Loki Ragnarok (they SHOULD have started with the original Matantei Loki, fools!), Tactics and Peacemaker Kurogane are ALL coming out this Wednesday. ph33r.

This just in

ICv2 reports that Boychild Productions in England will be bringing out Manga Mover, an anthology that will "feature stories with a mature level and include a mixture of mainstream and alternative/avant garde material." About time!

September 28, 2004

Only the news that matters.

Woof! According to Anime News Service (scroll down to Sep 27), you can now play Inu-Yasha as a collectible card game if the mood so suits you.

Orange Tangerine continues the riding the Death Note train with Chapter 36, where the stakes are upped but ... it's still running on fumes.

And, I got the reviewer position at ANN! Go me.

September 27, 2004

Comics Theorists Gone Wild!

Understanding Scott McCloud.

If I were Scott, I'd be just a bit creeped out.

The TP Juggernaut Continues

Franklin Finds that DC Comics and Dark Horse have just been PWN3D by Tokyopop, which now boasts a backlist of 800 trade paperbacks -- the most of any comics company in the US.

(As a side note, do recall that many of these TPBs are ... well ... not all that great. But one could say the same of any of the big-name comics publishers.)

On to Round 2 with the Manga Retail Wars at ICv2.

Scanlations of interest:
- Orange Tangerine has released Chapter 35 of Death Note, though that series seems to be really running on fumes (and LOTS of text) these days and it's not as cool as it was when it first started out.
- Another chapter of Ai Yazawa's Nana over at Sugar Oasis.

September 25, 2004

This One's For the Girls

Reading Along looks at Kare First Love and sees more of the same in shoujo manga.

Though I must admit, with the current standard in that field being set by Hot Gimmick, it is really hard to measure up.

Missed this one on the way through the ICv2 discussion ...

Torsten Adair of Barnes & Noble gives the dish on manga, and boy does he know what he's talking about. I'm especially partial to the graphic novel rental idea, which might (hopefully) cut down on all those tweeners who pounce into B&N manga aisles, park themselves on the floor with about 5 volumes, and just sit there reading, making it hard for other folks to browse.

Christopher Butcher checks in too.

Stop me before I start to look like one of those doe-eyed fanboys going, "Wow, they make COMICS in JAPAN too?! Where they are widely accepted and enjoyed by the general population?!"

On the anime front, FUNimation picked up Samurai 7, half the community is pissed that they won't be able to download it for free anymore, the other half is defending the ethical and moral principles of licensing, and that *WHUMPWHUMPWHUMP* sound you hear is Akira Kurosawa rolling in his grave ... with laughter.

September 24, 2004

Candidate for Serialization

So I guess this is today's big news. New manga to premiere in pages of Newtype USA:

Lagoon Engine Einsatz, a new serialized manga from best-selling creator Yukiru Sugisaki (D•N•Angel, Candidate for Goddess), will appear for the first time ever in the October issue of Newtype USA!

A special collaboration between the renowned artist and the top-selling anime magazine in the English-speaking world, Lagoon Engine Einsatz marks a first for any manga—it will be published in English before being released in Japan. The new manga project will also include several full-color pages in each installment, adding some unique visual flair to the traditionally black-and-white manga pages. [emphasis mine]

Meanwhile, some gormless fanboy is already preparing to seethe with rage at how the translators wrecked the English-language version of Lagoon Engine Einsatz. Yeah, I guess it would be pretty tough to translate a title that doesn't have an original Japanese script in the first place.

Lots of new Chapter 1 releases from shoujo specialists DGT, including Koigokoro Fantasia, Heaven, Yurara no Tsuki, and Dakishimete Noir. But maybe what you should really check out is So Bad, an earlier work by Hot Gimmick's Miki Aihara.

Broccoli/AnimeGamers is putting out Juvenile Orion trinkets. So now you can have those pretty boys with you everywhere.

Watch out! Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, SW:Clone Wars) is working on a live action Astro Boy.

No need for big pages? AoD reports that Viz is reprinting the Tenchi manga in the $10 format: Vol. 1 comes out 11/20/04, Vol. 2 on 1/29/05.

September 23, 2004

Get out your dictionaries

Fruits Basket fans: Let's have a contest to see how many ways there are to misspell "Furuba"!

So far we have:

And, wow, check out the hott spoiler action. Whole entire screens of blacked-out text.

San Diego comics scene REPRESENT!

Robert Scott of Comickaze has a few things to say to those head-in-the-sand fanboys who think manga will destroy us all.

Manga offers us a chance to sell books to an entire family, at increasingly consumer friendly price points and on far a more regular basis than most Western comics. Where customers are complaining about $7/issue for "fan favorite" JLA/Avengers, I have customers flocking in monthly to spend $10 a pop for not just on manga GN but two, three, four+ every week. And it's kids, young girls, and moms!!

And then they could give out moist towelettes too ... XD

Magical Drool Series

Kotonoha has just finished releasing the short story My Mysterious Girlfriend X, which is probably the friggin' weirdest boy-meets-girl story you'll ever read. It takes the concept of fanservice and schoolgirl fetishes and makes them quite disturbing. I like that.

Azumanga Proto?

Manga Sketchbook brings out the manga incarnation of Sensei no Ojikan, one of the hot new series on the anime circuit (but a precursor to Azumanga Daioh in the 4-panel gag format). Chapter 1 features a babyfaced teacher getting accustomed to her new school, including trying to convince her students that she really is a teacher.

September 22, 2004

SiGNs of the Times

Joey Manley reports that Graphic Novel Review is now open for business.

September 21, 2004

It's a mystery, it's a mystery

Reading Along has some things to say about Viz's release of the Detective Conan, I mean, Case Closed manga.

the book is just cute, I finished it not really wowed but curious enough to try the next volume when it hits shelves.

The face of CLAMP

When this news came out, I knew it was a good time to start IP.

The ladies of CLAMP, in the flesh!

I thought they'd never do it. Their whole image was about never revealing themselves to the public (they never go to cons, they all use pen names) and suddenly here they are for the whole world to see. Mokona Apapa looks a whole lot like her animal mascot counterpart ...

(Of course this is as good a time as any to pimp their site and the 15th Anniversary site.)


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