January 29, 2005

As long as someone doesn't start a Death Blog ...

Well, the Five Favorite Manga meme sure is getting around. Shawn @ Worlds Within Worlds rounds up the results of AoD Forums vs. the Comics Blogosphere and reveals that there's something of a disconnect between manga readers with an anime background as opposed to those with a Western-comics background. But hey, as long as people are reading comics that they like, I'm all for it.

Johanna @ Cognitive Dissonance, meanwhile, continues to do the totaling for The blogosphere, and adds new material to the reviews at Comics Worth Reading.

And an interesting tidbit from MNS: merchandise from the manga Death Note has been causing a stir in China lately ... those familiar with this title know that the premise centers around a notebook called a "Death Note," where the user writes the names of people that they wish to kill. Actual notepads with the header "The Person's Name Written Here Will Die In 40 Seconds" is getting pretty popular with students writing names of teachers they don't like. Hrmmmm.


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