January 19, 2005

The awesomeness of Kudo

According to Diamond Previews and AoD (no link -- scroll down), Viz may possibly have licensed 20th Century Boys? That would ROCK.

And just for random interest. MNS has the rankings for the top manga in Japan this week:

1. Great Detective Conan Vol. 48 (that's Case Closed to you Amerikaners)
2. Useless Cantabile Vol. 11 (aka Nodame Cantabile -- due out from Del Rey in April)
3. Prince Of Tennis Vol. 27
4. Golden Gouache Vol. 19
5. Sacraran High School Host Part 5
6. Shaman King Vol. 32
7. Back Peach Girl Vol. 1
8. Mask Of The Glass Vol. 42
9. Strawberry 100% Vol. 14 (more commonly known as Ichigo 100% among scanlation circles)
10. ARIA Vol. 6


Christopher Butcher said...

Hey there,

I confirmed the existence of 20th Century Boys over at comics.212.net. FWIW :)

- Chris

10:31 AM  

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