January 4, 2005


Well, we all know what happened today. I'll spare myself the attempt to link to everything ... I'm blank. What's there left to say about Will Eisner? BEST. COMICKER. EVER. And I mean it.

Dreamwave Productions closes down, ending their mildly successful venture with adapting 80's-nostalgia properties (Transformers and Megaman among them).

See if you can figure this one out: ComicsOne is transferring its manga releases to Asian publisher DrMaster. But they'll still keep making comics. Or something. I dunno. The folks on the forums are equally bewildered.

As Bookscan and other fellow bloggers have duly noted, Rurouni Kenshin and Fruits Basket kicked tail in bookstore GN sales for 2004.

Manga licenses headed to Australia: Slam Dunk, Fruits Basket and Love for Venus.

And I promise you ... if you scroll down on this page, I swear it's there ... next volume of Princess Ai comes out in June. Soon to be followed by another rash of messageboard discussions where people get into a bigger argument about the merits of Courtney Love than the actual book itself.

If you happen to have 600 MB to spare on you computer ... do pick up the complete Kimagure Orange Road scanlation. This is one of the few manga series that I would officially deem "seminal." Almost every modern romantic comedy in manga has its roots in this one.

If you have a little less room, go for She Got Off the Bus At the Peninsula, a delightful little one-shot. Who'd have thought a ghost story could be so sweet?


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