January 7, 2005

Ferreting around

So, Peach Fuzz (the one about the ferret) is out, and it's been getting good buzz so far ... score another one for Tokyopop's homegrown titles.

Cool. ANS reports that the Gaten manga anthology will publish a series about various fields of employment, Gaten Michi Icchokusen -- basically career advice for high schoolers.

And I'm going to actually edit this post just to include a recently-posted article on Hideshi Hino.

If I lived in the Bay Area, I'd go to this Japanese pop culture discussion just to meet the co-editor of Giant Robot.

And if you thought Sgt. Frog was funny ... download Honey Bunny and see what happens when an alien invader occupies the body of the hottest guy in school! ("It'll be educational.")


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