January 25, 2005

The Five Comics You Read in Heaven

This just in from ANN: Liann Cooper covers the manga highlights of 2004, including newcomers to the industry such as Del Rey and CMX, the manwha effect, and of course, a whole lot of yaoi.

Cognitive Dissonance kindly rounds up the latest manga goings-on. Most notable is that Viz has merged with Japanese company ShoPro (part of the Shogakukan media empire) to form ONE REALLY GIANT ROBOT. I mean, one really big manga/anime/randomJapanesegoodies distributor.

And since everyone else is doing it, my top five currently running manga series:

1. Hot Gimmick
2. Neon Genesis Evangelion (if only we could get Sadamoto to draw faster ... )
3. xxxHOLiC
4. Oh My Goddess!
5. Midori No Hibi / Midori's Days (okay -- I cheated and this is actually in some weird limbo between being finished on the scanlation circuit but not yet released in the US -- but it's just so cool I have to plug for it anyway, and it WILL be current within a few months)

From Otenba (Bittorrent only; sorry folks) comes another chapter of Read or Dream, the action-comedy that makes bibliophilia cool.


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