January 14, 2005

Harem Potter rules all

In what is hardly a surprise, Negima Vol. 4 dominates the start of the year. What is a surprise is that the book was listed under BookScan's "Children's" category ... HUH? Meanwhile in the rest of the graphic novel section looks like:
1. Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 10
2. Fruits Basket Vol. 6
3. Imadoki Vol. 3
4. Hellsing Vol. 5
5. Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 9
6. DNAngel Vol. 5
7. Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie Ani-manga
8. Naruto Vol. 5
9. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 3
10. Saiyuki Vol. 6
11. Wallflower Vol. 2
14. Othello Vol. 2

Gaaaan! Doki doki! Comics aren't just for boys anymore! (Sorry, it had to be said. We seem to be getting an influx of these "ZOMG! Girls read manga!" articles lately.)

AoD reviews Samurai Executioner Vol. 2, the much-lauded prequel to Lone Wolf and Cub.


Gump said...

"Gaaaan! Doki doki! Comics aren't just for boys anymore!"

God, I love that headline.

7:30 PM  
David Welsh said...

Imadoki! is number three?! Yes, the ascendancy of Yu goes well. (Leans back in leather club chair, tents fingers together, chuckles menacingly.) Seriously, that makes me happy out of all proportion.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

I take issue with that Samurai Executioner review. While everything he says about the manga is more or less true, he completely fails to discuss the multiple discongruent porn sequences. Yes, the rest of the manga is great, but Koike Kazuo drops these little bits of (frequently rape) porn in that just distrupt the whole flow of the book. Check This Link for my feelings on the book.

3:25 AM  
BrettDay said...

The above Anon was me, fyi. Apparently, I formatted that link vastly wrong, so I'm just going to do it plain-text and hope you have the fortitude to do copy+paste: http://www.livejournal.com/users/brettday/112633.html

3:46 AM  

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