January 24, 2005

Made to hit in America!

Apologies for the site being down ... it would appear that my hosting provider went on its regularly-scheduled fritz (coughcough).

It would appear that Tokyopop has licensed BECK, the rock 'n' roll manga about a 14-year-old boy who finds direction in his life by taking up guitar and joining a band.

Tokyopop also has plans to animate a couple of original titles that, quite honestly, aren't really all that popular. Or anything. I don't know.

Seven Seas, that champion of the cause of "world manga," announces a new online-only series, Aoi House. (They say webmanga, I say webcomic, let's call the whole thiing off.) Aoi House "follows the trials and tribulations of two down-on-their-luck college boys who join an anime club dominated by crazed fangirls." Hardly original, but I can sympathize all too well with the "crazed fangirls" part. Yeowch.

From Manga News Service comes a listing of Shogakukan's 50th Manga Sho award winners. Winning titles that have already been licensed in the US include Keroro Gunsou (that's Sgt. Frog to Anglophones) in the children's category and Bleach in the shounen category.

And does the world really, really need a collectible card game based on Case Closed?

EVERYONE BE HAPPY Kotonoha has put up another chapter of The Music of Marie. Now go download! :D


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