January 6, 2005

New Year Gimmick

Well, this isn't THAT much of a surprise ... a Negima video game. Who wants to bet it'll play out like some freaky-deaky Harry Potter dating sim?

And moving along from the mainstreamest of the mainstream, it's a short hop with Completely Futile to go into the underground. With links to sites where you can read the manga online!

As mentioned on many sites already, DMP has extended their distribution deal with Diamond to include educational manga, how-to-draw books, and yes ... yaoi. Always more yaoi.

AOD does a year in review for Broccoli Books, that small-time publisher whose manga properties can be counted on the fingers of one hand, yet when it comes to production quality, they're the best $10 deal you can ask for.

Today's recommendation: Head over to Virtual Infusion to pick up more chapters of School Rumble! I will say nothing of the recent downloading-comics flap, except that, well, does that Site They Mentioned have scanlations? :p

And ... I just wanted to share this. The January issue of Betsucomi magazine had a mini-calendar giveaway, and guess what the image was for March/April? Hot Gimmick! Oh yes. (Also seen in this picture: old con badges, XXXHolic pencil board; postcard illustrated by Rising Stars of Manga 4 winner Amy Reeder Hadley, and Bottle Fairy figurines. Oh, and there's Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist lurking in the top right corner. Hee.)


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