January 12, 2005

Of things to come

Active Anime looks at the new alt-manga anthology, Manga Mover -- a product that has its ups and downs.

ADV makes a really cool offer with their Cromartie High School floor display: Vol. 1 the CHS manga comes with a mini-DVD containing episodes 1 and 2 of the corresponding anime series. Let's hope the guys at my Local Comic Shop buy into it ...

The Comics Journal finally cries uncle and covers manga in the TCJ Special Edition. But c'mon guys, if the best name-dropping you can do is Suehiro Maruo and Hideshi Hino, maybe a visit to Kotonoha is in order.

For more mainstream tastes, there's King of Wolves coming out from Dark Horse pretty soon, written by the creator of Berserk and illustrated by the creator of Fist of the North Star. With a manly combination like that, it's got to be top-of-the-line hard-hitting adventure fare.

EDIT: Actually, it's the creator of Berserk doing the illustrations and the creator of Fist of the North Star writing.

And, holy crap you guys. FLIGHT VOL. 2.


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