January 27, 2005


Weekly Toronto periodical eye has a feature on Bryan Lee O'Malley, also known as YOUR GOD, I mean, the creator of Scott Pilgrim. Movie deal, you say? Hmm ... even better if it's animated. (but not CGI plzkthx.)

Chris @ 212 has some stern words for would-be Tokyopop creators. Remember kids, if you're talented enough, there are plenty of places that would love publish your comics rather than just the OMGJAPANESE! one.

AoD launches a new column, Bottom of the Pile, focusing on underrated and overlooked manga. With input from the review staff and AoD forumites, this month's installment looks at the Firefighter! series.

MNS has the latest Top 10 titles in Japan:

1. Fruits Basket Vol. 16
2. Great Detective Conan Vol. 48 (aka Case Closed)
3. RAVE Vol. 31 (I'm assuming this is known in my neck of the woods as Rave Master?)
4. Golden Gouache Vol. 19
5. BECK Vol. 21 (Just licensed!)
7. GetBackers-Recapture Ya- Vol. 28
8. KATSU! Vol. 15
9. Empty Of Duck Vol. 5
10. D-LIVE Vol. 9


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