May 27, 2005

Buy and large

I'm not sure why CMX is targeting their Spring 2005 80-page sampler towards "mature readers." I've seen the first volumes of Madara and Monster Collection at the store, and if I had any maturity about me, I'd probably pick up something from Viz's Editor's Choice line instead

At Love Manga there's a link to a cute little article by Carl Horn. I know he can write way better than that, so I'm assuming he had to dumb this down for the magazine. But out of that overly simplified article comes a tangent in the world of advertising where marketers trying to reach out to women could take a few tips from how shoujo sells.

Gump @ Keromaru muses on shoujo as well, namely MARS and Fruits Basket, but also brings up Hikaru No Go because that one's just damn cool.


Dorian said...

I think CMX is trying to position themselves as the "mature reader"/"t-n-a" manga line. Which is especially odd since none of the other manga publishers are really pushing themselves as "manga for kids." Which, honestly, the market could kind of use right now.

8:30 PM  
Lea Hernandez said...

I'll lay you money what Carl wrote was edited to Wired's house style.
I'd sure like to see what he originally said, because Carl is not as bland as that paragraph.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wizard is also really bad about editing or rewriting completely for house style.

11:33 AM  

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