May 31, 2005

I wonder what would happen if Scott Pilgrim made out with another guy?

If there's one guy who knows his way with OEL manga it's Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. Oh snap, Vol. 2 is just a week away!
"I wanted to apply a certain 'shonen manga' mindset to a more down-to-earth story," the cartoonist explained. "I mean, instead of crazy aliens or ninjas punching monsters, it's just this guy dealing with his new girlfriend's past. The whole idea is presenting a normal relationship story in this manga format, in that it's a series, the books are of a certain size, the cover design is pretty colorful and in-your-face, and he fights dudes."

What would we ever do without Flipped? This week's topic of choice is yaoi, focusing on Passion. (And for the record, I like bubble tea. Most days.)

But it doesn't stop there with guys totally doing it! Love Manga has the cover image from DramaQueen's latest offering, Arashigaoka.
Arashigaoka is a one volume manga that tells the story of Reona a college student who is working hard at the Narishiro family’s Tokyo castle. Ruling over this castle is the young master, Narishiro-sama. Amidst chores and strict obedience, who would have thought that Narishiro-sama’s discipline of Reona would lead to a fairytale romance?!
Comes with side stories too!

If you want to worship at the very feet of Hayao Miyazaki, the man himself will be attending the New York premiere of Howl's Moving Castle on June 6. And he's a rather reclusive sort, so take this opportunity if you can. It may never come again.


David Welsh said...

I think I might have jumped too deeply into the bubble tea pool by trying one with plum flavoring. I probably should have just gone for the starter-level green tea version.

2:26 AM  

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