May 25, 2005

Incoming message from the big floating head!

It's Tokyopop's turn in the spotlight, as Love Manga reports on a slew of new TP titles. I have to wonder how Samurai Champloo will fare without the hip-hop soundtrack that made the anime such a hit. Webpages have also gone up for some upcoming OEL titles, including A Midnight Opera, Mark of the Succubus, Off*Beat (which looks quite promising despite the cheesy punctuation) and Psy-Comm.

ActiveAnime has a transcript of the interview with yaoi manga-ka Kazuma Kodaka, which took place during her signing in New York. Definitely worth the read for a creator's insights on yaoi and Boy's Love.

And if you're wondering if yuri might suit your tastes, head over to Lililicious where they feature plenty of girl-on-girl manga available for direct download.

Japan will soon get to enjoy the further adventures of Syaoran and Sakura through a Tsubasa video game for Nintendo DS. It's a RPG card-battling game, though, so it's unlikely that it'll make it to the much more action-oriented US game market ...


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