May 30, 2005


Animania has the Top 10 rankings in Japan for the past week and all of April. Much like the US market on occasion, the weekly list has Fruits Basket on top. On the monthly list, the usual big-name suspects rule the roost: Naruto, Death Note (why hasn't anyone licensed this yet?! I'm putting my money on Viz), One Piece, Detective Conan / Case Closed and Prince of Tennis.

Does a web-based manga reeeeally need a theme song? Seven Seas thinks so. Too bad it's for one of their titles that I think is too generic and gimmicky for its own good (and a cheap copy of Genshiken besides).

And I missed this by several days, but the Onna! con in New Jersey will be holding a "Project Manga" contest in which aspiring OEL manga-ka can pitch their ideas to Paige Braddock (who herself is quite a major name in comics).


tangognat said...

I think viz has picked up Death Note

4:39 AM  

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