June 7, 2005

Alchemy Expo

More reactions to the Harlequin-Dark Horse deal. David mulls it over on Flipped (along with a delightful paean to Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga), YACB has a link to some preview pages (I can't say I'm terribly impressed, but then again I'm not into Harlequin's prose fiction either), and Pseudome just gives it the big HAHAHA NO.

And Newsarama now turns to Amy Kim Ganter for a Korean-American take on OEL manga and some preview pages of the high-fantasy-meets-high-urban-romance, Sorcerers and Secretaries.

Ever since that merger, it seems that Viz can do anything. The Kamikaze Girls movie has been licensed as a tie-in with Viz's release of the novel.

The Washington Post paints a rather morbid picture of geekdom with an article on the Tokyo's fanboy culture. I just have to laugh at their misguided translation of pop group Morning Musume into "Morning Daughter." Dude, no one calls them that. Not even in English.

Love Manga reminds us about Yuricon's continuing preparations for the Onna! convention, so keep those radar ears up for the "girl's love."

I know some of y'all are going to Anime Expo, so just as a reminder (and I have to admit, this press release is unintentionally hilarious) all working weapons are banned. ALL OF THEM. Last year at AX I remember the tale of how there were 15 people outside the medical station at one point and they ALL HAD SWORDS. So let that be an example.

However, use of innate magical powers is not banned! And neither is alchemy.


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