September 21, 2005

I think I'll stop here.

full set



Complete CLAMP No Kiseki chess set.

One year ago, I started this blog to fulfill a personal need. Although already a big fan of the comicbook blogosphereiverse at the time, I wanted a one-stop shop where I could find the latest news and bloggery specifically about manga. It's not that I'm averse to anything outside of manga -- in fact, the sphere opened my eyes to the wider world of comics and helped me find new things to like -- but I still felt an urge to sweep up all manga-related things into one place. That's all I wanted to do: find any recent online articles/essays/writings/news about manga ... -ish stuff, link to it, and in doing so provide a unique service.

My service isn't so unique anymore. Everyone already knows that David @ Love Manga performs the same function that I do, except faster, better, and smarter. Brigid @ MangaBlog updates less frequently but always has something useful to say. David @ PreCur takes time at least once a week (and on his blog, usually more) to weigh in on matters. And Rivkah's Culture Clash offers not just a young creator's perspective, but one of the best young creators out there. Or, heck, I could just stroll down to The Engine where everybody is automatically better than me. Really, what purpose is there for a rampaging fanboy who still hyperventilates whenever he sees the latest Hot Gimmick on the store shelf?

I don't even find as many good links as I used to. I think I've gone into automatic and a well-trained Googlebot could probably do what I do. (Do Google news search for "manga." Check ICv2. Check ANN. and so on. reverse. repeat ... ) I owe it to my readers to not do a half-assed job, and if I'm going to link to stuff, I should link thoroughly and link well. I don't really think I'm doing that anymore.

Incidentally, Isaac Alexander is GOD. He passed this collection of links to me a few days ago, which starts with some OEL sites, goes on to more general sites, and then just explodes into awesome. THIS is the guy who should be running a blog of cool manga links, except he doesn't, which is a damned tragedy.

So today ends my (almost-) weekdaily blogging pattern, and I thank everyone for following along. Personally I'm surprised I lasted a year. If I stuck around any longer, I wouldn't be doing the best job I could. I might try to keep this blog alive in some reduced state. We'll see. And for those who wish to find me elsewhere, you already know where to go.

So for now, LOVE ...


... and Peace.



Adam Arnold said...

Take care, Pata.

Live long and prosper...and all that jazz. ^_^

11:25 PM  
Jon said...

You'll be back--they always come back...

12:37 AM  
David Taylor said...

Really, what purpose is there for a rampaging fanboy who still hyperventilates whenever he sees the latest Hot Gimmick on the store shelf?

Actually you’d be surprised. ^.^

This wasn’t what I expected to wake up to this morning, usually I check IP on my RSS Feed to get a good gauge on all the things I missed during my day, and to give me an idea of something to talk about.
Now it’s gone, and that is a shame. I hope that you can come back and keep this site going in what ever form you want.

Take care Pata.

And your bang on the money about Isaac.!!!!!!

3:39 AM  
Dave Carter said...

No! Pata! Don't Go! We need you!

4:26 AM  
tangognat said...

Aww, I'll miss your blog!

5:22 AM  
Mark Fossen said...

That's a shame, Pata.

It seems to be sweeping through the blogosphere - you're the second to call it quits this morning, and I haven't even gotten halfway through my blogroll.

But - I sure understand not wanting to keep going when the joy's gone. If it's not fun, there's no point ...

You'll be missed.

7:20 AM  
Rivkah said...

You do realize that yours and David's are the only blogs I check every day, right? It's more than just the links, it's the commentary ON the links that matters. While the same articles may be posted in blog, after blog, I enjoy reading it in the places with a sense of humor and intellect--you definitely do that, and in your own way.

This is one chica that hopes you come back.


3:51 PM  
Heidi MacDonald said...

PATA!!!! NO!!!!!!

You can't....I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!

5:22 PM  
Eclipse said...

*Agrees with Rivkah*

Your blog and Love Manga are the only ones I visit every single day.

8:15 PM  
Isaac Alexander said...

Pata, you will be missed. A pioneer of manga news, that you are(yes I'm talking like Yoda.). I'm honored that you consider me a great source of information, but I'm NO God. I'll settle though for Information Guru. :D

Good luck with your future endeavors where-ever they may lead.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

Pata - Heidi mentioned that the best manga blog had just stopped when we were talking last night. I immediately thought of you, but figured it couldn't be because why would you quit?

I'm really sorry to hear this, I enjoy your blog a great deal. I hope you'll reconsider.

- Christopher Butcher, at SPX

8:57 AM  
Queenie Chan said...

...I'm sorry you had to go... :(

I check this blog alot too.
Take care.

7:54 AM  
Shawn Fumo said...

Doh! I'm not one to talk since I've been so sporradic lately, but I'm sorry to see you go...

Not only will I be lacking in good links and commentary, but I'll have less excuse for not blogging myself. I've felt a bit of how you are, in that so many others seem to be doing a good job. Then again if we all stop, there won't be anyone..heh

5:59 AM  
tivome said...

Oh no, don't do this Pata!

What makes your blog unique is your insight into the overall J-POP culture; that's a perspective that's unamtched in any other manga blog. Even Love Manga is severely limited in this department and would not cover well stories like, Nakashima Mika playing Evil Nana. Manga is a key part of the current Japanese pop culture which most westerners, even manga/anime fans, are ignorant about. Without knowledge of the big picture, including novels, movies, tv shows, a manga blog would be limited it its scope. So DUDE! Come on! Who else in the comics blog world will ever post an entry with a Morning Musume hugging an anime chara? How many blogger actually can name a single Momusu aside from you? Plus your impressive knowledge of Anime is also relevant in many dicussions... I love "Love Manga" but David won't be able to say much about or even see the significant of rising sales of "Honey and Clover" due to the ground-breaking Josei late-night anime since he's not really into anime.

It's not going to be the same without you. Man... you'll be sorely missed.

12:40 PM  

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